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This is a page to remember Linda, we have nowhere to mourn her so this is my memorial to my sweet little sister who was my best friend. I will miss her always and think of her everyday, she will forever be in my heart.

Linda Jane Stilwell was a happy, carefree 7 year old, looking forward to her 8th birthday in a few days time when she was abducted on the 10th of August 1968.

For 36 years we her family heard nothing, if a child is hit by a car and dies the ones left behind can mourn and visit their resting place, Linda has no such place, she is wherever the animal who abducted her disposed of her body. We have all suffered for so many years a myriad of emotions and feelings, loss, guilt and anguish are just a few. Our lives would never be the same. The loss of a daughter, sister in such an evil act destroyed us all in different ways.

Over the years we had glimmers of hope when different police departments delved into what happened to Linda, but nothing came of it and our hopes were dashed again.

Linda was born on the 22 August 1960, already in the family were Gary 18th August 1958 and myself Karen 18th June 1957 the three of us were close and being the eldest I enjoyed the responsibilities of helping take care of Gary and Linda. Mum was working full time, sometimes 2 jobs to make ends meet, so we were left to our own devices a lot Being kids we always found things to do. We moved to Beaconsfield Parade, St Kilda in July 68 after Mum and Dad had separated. .  Dad went to New Zealand with Laura the baby, Laura was 18 months old at the time. We older three soon found ourselves wandering up to St Moritz ice skating or to Luna Park. The 60s were considered safe for children to roam, so we weren't afraid. I was considered responsible for my age and was  in charge.
On Saturday August 10 we were as usual out , today we decided to go to the pier as well as along the foreshore, my memories of what we did that day have dimmed and merged with others, but I do remember all 3 of us were on the pier talking to some other kids, it was getting late and I knew Mum was expecting us, I told Gary and Linda to come home, they didn't want to leave yet so I said I was going home, 1st major mistake I made was leaving the two of them. Gary later told us they had gone to little Luna park which was just down from the major park.. He came home a little while later and said he and Linda had gotten separated so Mum sent me to look for her, this was where I made the next mistake,  I didn't go all the way to the park to look for her !!! The guilt I have felt for playing on the swings and thinking she would come home any minute like she had lots of times before has haunted me for so many years.. Mum was frantic and rang the police, we had no phone so she went to the shops 4 times to call them, finally they came out at around 10pm a full 4 hrs since they were first called. The next weeks were a nightmare, I wanted to die, I thought it should have been me that was taken not Linda. Mum was a mess understandably.
We have never seen Linda again or know what happened or who was responsible, but I will always hold out hope that we will find her and finally she will rest in peace.

I don't believe in a God, but I do believe in a persons soul, I believe a persons soul lives on in the ones left behind. Linda's memory will always live on. She didn't get to go thru puberty with all it's highs and lows, she didn't experience her first boyfriend or first kiss, no joy of motherhood for Linda but her memory lives on in all who knew her..

Since I wrote this Homicide Cold Case in Melbourne have been investigating Derek Percy and believe he is Linda's killer and also of possibly 8 other unsolved abductions and murders of children in the 1960's.. Linda's inquest will begin shortly, finally we may have some closure but the ultimate would be to put her to rest finally.. I appeal to Derek Percy to tell us where Linda is, or to anyone who has any evidence no matter how small to come forward. Already we have seen 2 people come forward recently about Linda's abduction even after almost 40 years, do you know anything? Maybe something that didn't look quite right that day? Please ring crime stoppers or homicide..

Please buy and read a new book called "Lambs to the Slaughter" by Debi Marshall. A great book that needed to be written about the evil that is Derek Percy. It's a mixture delving into the crimes he is thought to have committed and also of the pain the families of the victims suffer. Debi has become a friend to my family through her compassion and her determination that Linda's and other childrens stories need to be heard. Thank you Debi

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Karen, Gary and Linda a few months before Linda was abducted


Area Linda was abducted from on 10th August 1968

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